How To Craft A Trustworthy About Us Page For eCommerce Website

When it comes to building trust for your new store, the About Us page can be a game changer. Many small eCommerce businesses don’t give enough attention to this page which leaves customers in a dilemma. The fact that visitors voluntarily click on it is because they want to know more about you and are perhaps interested in buying your products.

So, the About Us of eCommerce website page must include content that your customers are looking for so that it helps establish your identity and build trust. Whether you’re in the process of setting up your store or already having one with no or incomplete information about us page, it’s time to get it right.

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How to Sell Grocery Online from mom-and-pop Kirana Store

Traditionally, the business model of a local mom-and-pop kirana store has been simple. The store owner procures and stocks up the grocery in high volumes. Later, the orders are fulfilled at the store as per the needs of customers. The orders received are mostly from local customers residing in the range of 200 to 500 meters. The bulkier orders are assigned to an errand boy for delivery, which is done usually done on the same day. This is the traditional business model followed by a majority of local mom-and-pop stores in India.

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6 sure-fire ways to make your first profitable sale

Finally after nit-picking over tiny details and improving the look and feel of your eCommerce website, it’s ready for the world. Now, here’s the thing. A perfectly designed website, though a fundamental pre-requisite, wouldn’t guarantee you sales unless you promote it.

Let’s face it — no matter how good your product is or even if it’s well-priced getting your first sale isn’t easy. So, as the owner of a new online store, you might have a lot of things in your head to promote your website and create brand awareness. While doing so, it’s easy to fall into the trap of spending big money without getting anything in return.

So, here’s what you can do to make your first online sale without spending much. Later, you can figure out what works best for your business and build upon that by spending money thriftily on that strategy.

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How to Sell Vegetables Online With One Day Delivery

Busy lives  and the openness to internet shopping in metro cities have given rise to a ton of business opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to make money online from home. One such opportunity is to sell vegetables online in your local area.

Though on the surface it may sound difficult because the industry demands quick operations and fresh deliverables, it’s still possible to cope with the industry expectations and consumer demands. The highlight of this business opportunity is that there are minimal costs associated and you can secure decent profits. Here’s how you can sell vegetables online with one day delivery.

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Legal requirements for starting eCommerce business in India

Whether you’re having an eCommerce website or planning to sell on marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, it’s obligatory to meet the legal requirements for starting an eCommerce Business in India. Doing the business legally is a long term approach. This guide covers the legal requirements you must meet while starting an eCommerce Business in India.

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eCommerce Website in India for Small Retail Businesses

When it comes to building an eCmmerce website in India for a person/small retail business there’s no one-size-fits-all. You may have a great business idea backed up by excellent products and stunning pictures, but if your eCommerce website isn’t a walk-through then you aren’t doing it right. Your website is the face of your business. Its design is what communicates the brand’s personality and, the UI improves the buying experience.

Currently, the problems with most of the small online retail websites in India are lack of knowledge to set up the store right way and high website maintenance cost. These not only kill the profits but also makes your website look unprofessional.

This post aims to explain the challenges faced by small online retail businesses- why their businesses can’t sustain, and how Shopshastra’s WooCommerce customized platforms can make the difference.

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Print-on-Demand: A Risk-free Way to Monetize Your Creativity

It’s an exciting time to be an artist. Whether, you’re a designer, social media influencer, writer, vlogger or YouTuber, you can monetize your creativity by selling everyday products online under your name and build your personal brand. Even if you’re not an artist but you’ve got the entrepreneurial kick, you can build a sustainable online business. Either way, you can achieve the same with the help of a Print-on-Demand service which will save you time and risk, plus, it’s a low investment business model.

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Products That Don’t Sell Well On Small eCommerce Websites

So you’d like to sell things online and make money. Well, there are certainly plenty of resources are available online to give you ideas for your product lines. This is all well and good. It’s fancy to build a brand around the products that are crushing it in the market right now. The reality, however, is that many eCommerce merchants are flipping the same products that are on Amazon and Flipkart, just at lower prices. Though it’s usually a short-term approach, it’s killing their profitability (the small eCommerce businesses that is- not the giants!). In fact, more than 85% of eCommerce websites don’t survive the first six months of trade.

Whether you’ve already chosen a product for your small eCommerce business, or if you’re still in the process, you need to make sure not that your product idea isn’t sabotaged by Amazon or Flipkart. Follow this guide and ensure that your product idea shouldn’t fall into any of these categories.

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The Ultimate Website Checklist for Small eCommerce Stores

Post figuring out what products to sell, the immediate challenge is to set up your website. Building a store that’s user-friendly, builds trusts, communicates your brand personality, and looks professional is pretty much a task. The good news is you need not know coding to get your website exactly the way you want.  The bad news, however is that it may take some time to comprehend what content to add and more importantly what not to.

To give you a hand, we compiled a website checklist for small eCommerce stores.

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