How to Sell Grocery Online from mom-and-pop Kirana Store

Traditionally, the business model of a local mom-and-pop kirana store has been simple. The store owner procures and stocks up the grocery in high volumes. Later, the orders are fulfilled at the store as per the needs of customers. The orders received are mostly from local customers residing in the range of 200 to 500 meters. The bulkier orders are assigned to an errand boy for delivery, which is done usually done on the same day. This is the traditional business model followed by a majority of local mom-and-pop stores in India.

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How to Sell Vegetables Online With One Day Delivery

Busy lives  and the openness to internet shopping in metro cities have given rise to a ton of business opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to make money online from home. One such opportunity is to sell vegetables online in your local area.

Though on the surface it may sound difficult because the industry demands quick operations and fresh deliverables, it’s still possible to cope with the industry expectations and consumer demands. The highlight of this business opportunity is that there are minimal costs associated and you can secure decent profits. Here’s how you can sell vegetables online with one day delivery.

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Print-on-Demand: A Risk-free Way to Monetize Your Creativity

It’s an exciting time to be an artist. Whether, you’re a designer, social media influencer, writer, vlogger or YouTuber, you can monetize your creativity by selling everyday products online under your name and build your personal brand. Even if you’re not an artist but you’ve got the entrepreneurial kick, you can build a sustainable online business. Either way, you can achieve the same with the help of a Print-on-Demand service which will save you time and risk, plus, it’s a low investment business model.

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Products That Don’t Sell Well On Small eCommerce Websites

So you’d like to sell things online and make money. Well, there are certainly plenty of resources are available online to give you ideas for your product lines. This is all well and good. It’s fancy to build a brand around the products that are crushing it in the market right now. The reality, however, is that many eCommerce merchants are flipping the same products that are on Amazon and Flipkart, just at lower prices. Though it’s usually a short-term approach, it’s killing their profitability (the small eCommerce businesses that is- not the giants!). In fact, more than 85% of eCommerce websites don’t survive the first six months of trade.

Whether you’ve already chosen a product for your small eCommerce business, or if you’re still in the process, you need to make sure not that your product idea isn’t sabotaged by Amazon or Flipkart. Follow this guide and ensure that your product idea shouldn’t fall into any of these categories.

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5 Best Products to Sell Online in India

More than 80% of eCommerce businesses in India fail in the first six months. In most cases, this is due to a lack of product research, while other problems include poor online marketing and little technical knowledge.

In such a highly competitive market, choosing the right product requires thorough market research. To help you on that front, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best products to sell online in India.

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Sell Mobile Accessories Online on your eCommerce Website 

The rise in popularity of smartphones in India has triggered an increase in sales of mobile phone accessories such as phone cases, screen guards, selfie sticks, power banks, adaptors, chargers, and mobile stands. The increase in mobile phone users coupled with low investments and lucrative margins of 30% to 60% creates a major opportunity for retailers to sell mobile accessories online and take on a good share of the market.

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Sell Shoes Online with your eCommerce Website

A message to all offline retail store owners and aspiring entrepreneurs: there’s a huge demand for shoes online. Every month, millions of consumers search for shoes on the internet, preferring to shop for shoes and footwear online for the convenience, variety, and better prices. This creates a massive opportunity to establish a footwear brand and sell shoes online.

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Sell Toys Online with Your eCommerce Website

Barbie dolls, Stickle Bricks, Weebles, Big Wheels, the list of toys you can find in a child’s room goes on and on. It’s easy to understand why: young Indian parents don’t mind spending money on toys, as they ensure a well-rounded development of cognitive, social, and physical abilities for their children. This explains why the demand for branded toys in India has increased significantly in the past few years. This guide explains how can you sell toys online.

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Sell Flowers Online with Your eCommerce Website 

Flowers are popular gifts all year round. Online searches for florists spike close to holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, but people also buy flowers for special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and funerals. This means there’s a perennial demand for roses, lilies, daisies, orchids, and carnations. This brief guide will help you set up an eCommerce business to sell flowers online.

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8 Money Minting Niche Products to Sell Online in India

Planning to start an online eCommerce business? Chances are the guy next door has already had the same idea a couple of years ago, started his business, and since discontinued it.

Amazon and Flipkart can procure products in large quantities, which lowers the price of their products. Your business is far from this reality. Therefore, in such a highly commoditized market, it makes sense to focus on niche products to sell online in India, which have low competition, reasonable margins, and focused target groups. You can specialize in one product type and later expand your portfolio on a similar line.

In this guide, we have compiled the trends of eight niche products to sell online from the past 14 years. They’ve gravitated well towards modern trends, so you can turn any of these product ideas into a successful eCommerce business!

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