Sell Mobile Accessories Online on your eCommerce Website 

The rise in popularity of smartphones in India has triggered an increase in sales of mobile phone accessories such as phone cases, screen guards, selfie sticks, power banks, adaptors, chargers, and mobile stands. The increase in mobile phone users coupled with low investments and lucrative margins of 30% to 60% creates a major opportunity for retailers to sell mobile accessories online and take on a good share of the market.

The Roadway to Sell Mobile Accessories Online

Sell mobile accessories online
Sell mobile accessories online

1. Set up your product portfolio

The mobile accessory market has a wide variety of products, so a diverse product portfolio is key. Every new mobile device that comes out increases the number of SKUs on the market. Today, the common accessories in highest demand are:

  • Phone cases
  • Chargers
  • Screen guards
  • Earphones/headphones
  • Bluetooth/wireless speakers
  • Car chargers
  • Internal batteries
  • Mounts and stands
  • Power banks
  • Selfie sticks
  • Memory cards
  • USB cables

To have a competitive edge in the market, obtain a variety of the latest trending accessories from a vendor to sell online.

2. Choose a vendor

After defining your product portfolio, start making bids to suppliers. In the beginning, your priority should be choosing a vendor who delivers low bulk orders at wholesale rates, which is better when you have a small budget and are still uncertain about market trends.

3. Choose a platform suited for selling mobile accessories online

To establish a brand and an extensive online presence, it’s important to secure online space for your products in an eCommerce website. A good eCommerce website will be well suited to your selling needs, which will help you grow your business faster. To sell mobile accessories online, there are a few features your website must have:

Products with images

Your eCommerce website must be able to support a large selection of products, especially since your product portfolio is likely to grow every week. Choose a platform that supports uploading of products with images.

Variable products

Variable products are products that are available in multiple variations, such as different sizes or colors. Mobile accessories frequently fall into this category.

For instance, smartphone covers come in different colors, patterns, and materials. A good eCommerce platform makes it easy to display these options to your customers.

Detailed product descriptions with warranties

Users will rarely buy an electronic product without reading its description first, so your website should include the option to display product descriptions. Note that products like earphones, speakers, and power banks often come with a warranty, so your product pages should also include warranty information.

Product navigation

Latest products: Your eCommerce website should display your latest products on the front page. A fresh batch of accessories will become available every time a new mobile device is released, so displaying these products on the front page of your store will increase your sales.

Related products: When selling mobile accessories online, displaying related products on your product pages will increase your sales.

For example, a user searching for an iPhone X screen guard will likely be interested in phones cases too. Including an image and link to this related product on the screen guard’s product page will increase the chance of your customer also buying a phone case from your store.


Sell Mobile Accessories Online with ShopShastra

ShopShastra provides everything you need to build an eCommerce website and sell mobile accessories online under your own brand.

  • Get a free domain for your website
  • Upload as many products and variations as you want
  • Write detailed product descriptions
  • Display new and related products
  • Create categories for your products
  • Run sales
  • Offer quick refunds

Once your website is live, you can promote it on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Both these platforms are cost-effective and will help you target the right audience for your products. You can also run ads on Google Shopping to get sales right away.