How to setup global product attributes.

To create variable products, you need to create attributes for them, such as size, color or design. There are two types of attributes: global and product specific. Global attributes can be used in any product in your store, e.g. if you have a clothing store, then size could be a global attribute. This animation shows you how to create global attributes that can be used in any product.

Global Attributes
  • Login to your admin account and click on Products.
  • Click on Attributes.
  • Add name of the attribute for e.g “size”.
  • Enter Name, Slug of the attribute for e.g., “size” and click Add attribute.
  • After adding attribute click on Configure terms.
  • Enter attribute terms for size e.g., small, medium and large.
  • Click on Add new size.
  • Click on the product in which you want to add the attribute.
  • Click on Attributes.
  • Select size from drop down and click on Add.
  • Click on Select all then click on Save attributes.
  • Click on Update, then click on Preview Changes.
  • Click on dropdown and look for changes.