Create a Variable Product.

Variable products let you offer variations on a product. They can be used for a product like a shirt, where you can offer a large, medium or small and in different color combination.
Creating Variable Products
Creating Variable Products
  • Login to your Admin account and click on Products.
  • Select the product in which you want to add variations.
  • Go to Product data and select Variable product from drop down menu.
  • Click on Attributes then select attribute (size,color etc.) from the drop down of Custom product attribute then Add.
  • Click on Select all then check on box Used for variations and click on Save attributes.
  • Click on Variations then select Create Variations from all attributes and click on Go.
  • Click on OK twice.
  • Select the variation and it will give option to set an image, price, stock and description.
  • Click on Save changes.
  • After updating all variations as above click on Preview Changes.
  • Variations can be seen on the product page.