Creating Shop Managers.

Shop Managers are users allowed to manage the shop without being Administrators. They are allowed to process orders, alter or modify products, generate reports, process reviews etc. They login to the same URL as administrators. However they will not be allowed to alter the structure of the website or customize it. All actions by shop managers are logged in “Simple History” page in the Dashboard section. Having multiple Shop Managers allow you to delegate tasks to your team. Following steps will let you create a Shop Manager user.

Creating Shop Manager Users.
Creating Shop Manager Users.
  • Access admin login using your administrative link, enter your admin credentials and click on log in.
  • Click on Users and then click on Add New.
  • Enter new user details.
  • Select the Role as Shop Manager then click on Add New User.
  • New user can be seen in the list.
  • Shop Managers can login to the same URL as your administrators