Getting Started

To get started on your own eCommerce website you will need to do the following:

  • Create images of your products. We can recommend agencies that will help you create images at a reasonable cost.
  • Write descriptions and specifications of your products.
  • Decide categories and sub categories of your products. This will help your customers browse your products.
  • Decide how you will accept payments. For selling to the domestic market it is best to begin with NEFT/Bank Transfers in the beginning. You can also accept COD payments. For selling abroad, it is easy to setup a PayPal payment gateway to automatically accept payments.
  • Register for the Free Plan. This will create your eCommerce website in a matter of minutes. You can begin selling while on the Free Plan. Learn about our registration process
  • Configure your site with help of our simple to understand howtos
  • When you are ready to switch to a custom domain, convert to Standard or Premium Plan by paying into your account created during the registration process.