Shortcodes  let you display specific content on the pages of your online store. The content could be anything- from displaying products to checkout page- depends on what action you want your visitors to perform.

Woocommerce comes with a list of shortcodes that allows you to customize your pages/posts by displaying products/product categories, and much more. So, instead of simply adding links to your product pages, etc., you can display product, set of products, and product categories on your blog posts as per your requirement by using a shortcode with an argument.

One of the many cases, when shortcodes are helpful, is when you are launching a new product and want to make your visitors aware of the product through a blog post. You can add the product to the blog post to improve your odds of selling.


Using shortcodes to add a product to blog posts

Add a product using a shortcode
WordPress->Posts->Select a post->Edit

To add a product to a blog post using a shortcode, add the shortcode with an argument.


In this case the argument is “sku”.

global_data_unlimited-15” is the product sku

You can also add the product by using the product ID.



The relevant product has been added to the blog page at the bottom.

Product added to a blog post using a shortcode
Product added to a blog post using a shortcode

Likewise, you can add shortcodes to display pages, products categories, product page, related products, and add to cart to any page/post of your website by using the following shortcodes.


Woocommerce shortcodes for pages

Shortcode Argument Meaning

Your cart is currently empty.

None shows the cart page
None shows the checkout page


None shows the user account page

To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

None shows the order tracking form


Other Woocommerce shortcodes

Shortcode Argument Meaning
featured_products per_page, columns, orderby, order Shows featured products
product id or sku Shows a single product
product_page id or sku Shows details of a product
product_category per_page, columns, orderby, order, category Shows products in a category
product_categories number, orderby, order, columns, hide_empty, parent, ids Shows existing product categories
add_to_cart_url id or sku Displays the URL of the “add to cart” button of a product
add_to_cart id or sku, style Displays price and the “add to cart” button of a product
sale_products per_page, columns, orderby, order Display products on sale
top_rated_products per_page, columns, orderby, order Shows top-rated products
best_selling_products per_page, columns Displays best selling products
product_attribute per_page, columns, orderby, order, attribute, filter Shows products with an attribute
related_products per_page, columns, orderby Displays related products