Sell Products via Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing

ShopShastra enables you to sell affiliate products on your eCommerce site. Affiliate products are products of other eCommerce marketplaces such as that you sell on your site.

For every guaranteed sale, you earn a percentage commission without having to invest much. There are little to no risks involved with no operating cost and need for a warehouse. Besides, it adds flexibility to your online business as you can now display a wider range of products on your ecommerce website.

There are a host of famous Indian affiliate partners like,,,,, etc. whose products you can display on your online store.

With Shopshastra’s seamless affiliate management system, you can add affiliate products to your online store easily by adding a link to the product and populating the required details.


Add product details

Add product details
Woocommerce->Products->Add new 

Add product details like product name and product description simply by copy-pasting data from the chosen affiliate partner’s product page.


Upload product image

Adding product image
Woocommerce->Products->Add new->Product image

 Upload product image from the chosen affiliate’s website.


Add a link to the seller’s product page

Setting up affiliate product
Woocommerce->Products->Add new->Product data

Set prices and show products with an affiliate link to the product page for your customers to purchase them.



Affiliate product
Affiliate product

Once you are done setting up an affiliate product on your store, it will be added to your product list on your website.

The customers will be taken to the original seller store on clicking “Buy product”, and you will earn commission from the affiliate link if they make a purchase.

Affiliate product on the seller's website
Affiliate product on the seller’s website


Using Plugins to manage your affiliate products

Details such as price and stocks of your affiliate products need to be regularly updated. Due to this, it is recommend to use plugins if you have many affiliate products on your site. These plugins will automatically synchronize details from the marketplaces and keep your site up to date.