Questions and Answers on Product Page

The premium plan of Shopshastra comes with a Question and Answers feature on the product page of your online store. This allows customers and visitors to ask questions and establish pre-sale information about your products. The admin of the store and shop managers can answer a customer’s questions right on the product page so that later viewers are answered without them asking.

This way, your users feel safe and confident while buying a product. This feature forms a valuable tool- turning users’ doubts into useful information for other customers.

Question and answers plugin
Question and answers option on the product page


Question and Answers- General settings

Question and Answers
YITH->Questions and Answers

Choose the number of questions and answers you want for each ecommerce product. The more the number of questions and answers, the more information about the product your users get.

Approve questions and answers before publishing them. Display questions and answers that are relevant and useful to your users. This keeps spam content away from your product pages.

Allow guest users to reveal their identity by asking them to fill their details while posting questions and answers.


Question and Answers- Advanced settings

Allow users to vote product question and answers

Vote for questions and answers
YITH->Questions and Answers->Advanced

Voting product questions and answers improve the interaction between users and shop. Allow your users to leave a positive or negative vote for the questions and answers posted.

The questions and answers with the maximum number of positive votes can help other customers with useful information before buying a product.



Vote for answers on the product page

Vote for answers
Vote for answers on the product page


Vote for questions on the product page

Votes for Question and answers
Votes for Question on the product page


Question and answer email notification

Q&A nofification
YITH->Questions and Answers->Advanced

Enabling “New question notification” will allow the admin of the store to revert to a question posted by a user quickly. It certainly adds to the customer buying experience.

Stay up-to-date on what your users are posting on your product page by enabling “New answer notification”.

Notify your users (who posted a question) through an email when the answers are available.


Report inappropriate content

Inappropriate content
YITH->Questions and Answers->Advanced

Inappropriate answers on the product page of your online store may discourage your visitors while making a purchase. Let your users only monitor unsuitable answers, and report them as inappropriate. The answers will automatically phase out on hitting the set “Hiding threshold”.



 Reporting inappropriate content on the product page

Inappropriate content display
Inappropriate content display on the product page


Anonymous mode

Anonymous mode setting
YITH->Questions and Answers->Advanced

Enabling “Anonymous mode” hides the name of the users who posted a question or an answer.



The names of the users are hidden.

Anonymous mode example
Anonymous mode on the product page