Inventory Management

While running an online store, it is important to maintain the right levels of stock, to avoid running out of products that are selling high and overstocking the ones that aren’t. An efficient inventory control system is handy in managing stock right at SKU levels to avoid inventory issues.

Shopshatra’s seamless inventory management methods allow you to have a firm hold on your inventory by letting you set stock levels for every individual product in your online store. Stock levels automatically decrease once you start receiving orders. You can enable notifications for product shortages and out of stock products, and regulate stock holding time.


Enable stock management

Inventory management


Regulate stock holding time

Enable “Manage stock” and regulate your stock holding time in minutes when the customer carts a product and exits without buying.


Set low stock threshold, and out of stock threshold

Get notifications for low and out-of-stock items, and regulate their thresholds to avoid product shortages.


Out of stock visibility

Hide products that are out-of-stock to avoid any discrepancy.


Stock Display 

Choose the stock display format to update your customers on the levels in the inventory. E.g., “Only 2 in stock.”


Manage stock for every individual product in your store.

managing stock for individual products
Woocommerce->products->Select a product->Inventory


Enable/Disable manage stock at products level

Enter stock quantity. This must be done for each product, and updated each time new inventory is received. Stock levels decrease automatically with each order.

Allow/disallow backorders, i.e. allow orders even if the product is out of stock. If backorders are disabled, buy button on the product page will stop functioning.

Allow only one item to be bought in a single order

Restrict to just one of each product in a single order by enabling “Sold individually”. This is useful for services or digital products where one copy is enough, or when you are low on stock.