Give Free Gifts

Giving free gifts is one of the best ways to surprise customers. When customers get something without any expectation, they are bound to be happy and spread a word about it. You not only win the same customers for a long time, but also attract new customers. The net result of giving away free gifts leads to customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

Shopshastra allows you to offer free gifts to your customer under certain conditions such as cart value.

Setting up free gifts under ShopShastra Standard Plan

Set a gift eligibility slab

Setting a free gift slab
Woo free gift->Gift criteria

To reward customers with free gifts, under criterion, set a minimum cart amount for free gifts, say Rs1,300.

In this case, customers will be rewarded only if the cart total price exceeds Rs1300.

Apart from cart amount, you can also choose to offer gifts if they buy from certain product categories, or on total number of items being purchased etc.


Selecting gift products

Selecting gift products
Woo free gifts

Once the criterion is set, select a set of gifts from the products added to your store.

Gift products in a slab
Woo free gifts

In this case, 7 gifts are set if the cart amount exceeds Rs1300. Customers can choose any one of them while checking out.

You can also choose to offer more than one gift.


How gifts are displayed when the customer goes to the cart.

Display gifts on the cart page
Gifts display on the cart page

Setting multiple slabs under ShopShastra premium plan

The standard plan allows you to set only one slab. In some cases you may want multiple slabs or tiers for gifting. The premium plan allows you to set multiple slabs for free gifts, each with a different set of gifts.

Setting multiple slabs
Woo free gifts->Gift criteria

Set multiple criteria with different cart amounts- each one of them offering a different set of gifts.

In this case, 3 criteria are set (Rs500,Rs 1300, and Rs2500) with each having a different set of gifts

So, if cart total price exceeds a certain amount, the buyer will be rewarded with a gift, set for that particular criterion.