Coupons are a great way to attract new and returning customers to increase sales and build brand loyalty. Off late, digital coupons have found a great deal of success in ecommerce businesses by increasing conversion rates and lowering the number of abandoned carts.

Our coupon management system allows you to offer several types of discounts with usage restriction and usage limits. Coupons can be offered as a reward for reviews or for completing surveys, to entice customers to purchase additional products, sent later via email to get them to return, as a reward for referring additional customers or used as part of the affiliate system.

Add new coupons


Choose your discount type

Discount type

Reward your customers for purchases based on the cart value or type of product or simply percentage discount on the whole order. Opt for the type of discount depending on your business goals.

Set usage restrictions

Setting usage restriction on coupons
Woocommerce->Coupons->Usage restriction

Set minimum spend and maximum spend on the coupons you are offering. Choose products and product categories available for discount.

Set usage limit per coupon

Usage limit for coupons
Woocommerce->Coupons->Usage limits

Set a limit on the number of times your customers will use the coupons for the selected items.

Using coupons on checkout page

Applying a coupon code
Applying a coupon code on the checkout page

The coupons sent to the customers can be used on the checkout page of your online store.



The coupon code is used and the discount is applied.

Coupon code for discount
Coupon code for discount