Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing?

There is no time limit for the Free Plan, and you can run the store and conduct sales while on it. To use a custom domain with your store you must shift to either the Standard or Premium Plan. The monthly pricing of the Standard plan and Premium plan is Rs.720 and Rs.2880 respectively. The pricing is exclusive of 18% GST.


Do you need to know coding to develop web pages or edit your website?

No. Even with zero technical knowledge you can create pages or edit any part of your website as per your need. Our help desk provides full support to demonstrate and guide you to implement the same.


Do you charge any additional store/website management fee?

No. There is no store management or set-up fee charged for your website.


How is the speed of the website?

The website is superfast. ShopShastra runs on WordPress which is designed for speed. The site is hosted in India with a super fast content distribution network (CDN) also hosted in India.


Who will provide the domain?

You get a custom domain in ShopShastra’s standard and premium plans for which there are no additional costs involved. You can also use a domain from third-party domain providers.


Who uploads the products to your website?

This is optional. You can upload products if you have the knowledge. If not, we can get agencies to do it for you.


Is there any limitation for products upload?

No. You can upload as many products as you want to your website.


Can your existing domain be configured under Shopshastra?

Yes. If you already have a domain purchased, we can configure it with your ShopShastra website. There are no additional charges for this.


Do you provide paid themes?

No. We don’t provide any paid themes. However, you are free to pay for and use a paid theme on your ShopShastra site.


How is the Premium plan different from the Standard one?

Shopshastra’s premium plan hosts a set of premium features to provide your customers with a better buying experience. You can run a loyalty program, offer free gifts, build customer reviews, and answer customer queries.


Who takes care of shipping?

We setup shipping for you that lets you use main courier firms such as Fedex India, DHL, Blue Dart, etc.


Who provides the payment gateways?

ShopShastra comes with built-in payment gateways options. You need to get an account with these gateways which may take up to 3 weeks to activate. We can assist you in getting the account.


What is the support level in terms of website customization provided by you?

We offer 100% support when it comes to your website customization. We can help you to set the aesthetics of your website as per your needs. This includes uploading a logo, setting a header image, changing backgrounds, editing footer, edit primary menu, changing color and font, and much more.